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Our specially designed Multi Plus™ Patch is a comprehensive, broad spectrum daily multi plus combining 27 essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants all in one easy topical patch.

The body requires essential vitamins and minerals in steady and adequate amounts to be at its best and function properly. The Health Patches Multi Plus™ Topical Patch is specially formulated with key nutrients to address the necessary intake of these vitamins for both men and women.

Ensuring adequate intake of essential nutrients helps to promote stronger bones and joints, as well as supports breast, prostate and colon health. It also helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins for maximum energy levels.

Supplement Facts / Ingredients

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Simply apply the Multi Plus™ patch daily to an area with little or no hair, i.e., shoulder, back or hip. For best results, it is recommended to wear Health Patches Multi Plus™patches for 8 hours. There is no additional benefit wearing the patch longer than 8 hours. Patches can be worn during sleep. Avoid using any lotion or cream in the same area as it will inhibit absorption. Patch is not waterproof. It is ok to wear multiple patches at a time.

HealthPatches products are Latex, Lactose., Gluten and Sugar-free

ALL PATCH ORDERS INCLUDE 30 PATCHES (30-DAY SUPPLY) and 100% Moneyback Guarantee

Health Patches Multi Plus Patch Reviews

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to commonly asked questions about our Health Patches vitamin patches.

Absolutely Superior

Health Patches is endorsed by world renowned doctors...
  • Health Patches is absolutely superior to other modes of delivery of vitamin and nutritional supplements... Lots of people do not want to take the large amount of pills that would required to take the identical dose that is delivered by the patch

    Dr. Victor Dorodny

    MD, ND, PhD, MPH


Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that our products are superior to any other on the market we are willing to offer them to you completely risk free

If it's Not For You - It's on Us

Our Customers LOVE our topical vitamin patches for the ease of use and amazing RESULTS as shown from their bloodwork and testimonials.

We are so sure you will agree that our product is the best on the market that we are more than happy to return your order within 30 days for a 100% refund.

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I have been in this patch for a little over a month. They definitely make a difference. I have allows had restless leg syndrome and after taking multivitamin plus patch for about four days, all the symptoms stopped. None of the prescriptions pills I was put on done a thing. It is so great to be able to sleep without leg pain and jerking all night. I am going to try more of your patches. I hate taking pills. Thank you so much. I have been telling everyone to try your products.

Rita Derrow

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Rita Derrow

I have been in this patch for a little over a month. They definitely make a difference. I have allows had restless leg syndrome and after taking multivitamin plus patch for about four days, all the symptoms stopped. None of the prescriptions pills I was put on done a thing. It is so great to be able to sleep without leg pain and jerking all night. I am going to try more of your patches. I hate taking pills. Thank you so much. I have been telling everyone to try your products.

Leslie Shropshire

These are so easy to use and Im so glad I dont have to worry about digestion issues by using these patches. I have recommended them to everyone I see because of how easy to use they are and the price is perfect too.


Much easier than swallowing the large vitamin pills. no real way to tell if they are "working" though. Didnt notice a difference really. By the end of the day the patch had usually fallen off at some point.


I have been using the patches for about a week and I love that they are effortless! No more trying to swallow pills just to get my vitamins.

Martha Gilson

Hate taking vitamins by mouth, they have always tasted horrible to me, now after my gastric sleeve they make me nauseated. The vitamin patches are the best thing going. Thank you!

Jennifer M.

So far so good. Used for 1 week and feeling better already.

Jennifer D.

I love my patches!

Jennifer M.

So far so good. Used for 1 week and feeling better already.

Benita M.

Very satisfied

Paula W.

I highly recommend these especially if you have trouble swallowing a pill. We feel these really do make a difference

Ashli R.

So far the patch has worked well. I will know more after I have labs done. The shipping took longer than expected.

Jennifer D.

I love my patches!

Gwendolyn K.

I love, love it so far... it doesnt make me sick to my stomach... i just put it on and go about my day. I even forget that i have it on... i will definitely continue to buy these patches ad long as they work... i just started using them, i will know if they work in a month...

Jenai W.

Love these patches

Kailee G.

Feel 100% better !

Benita M.

Very Satisfied.

Thelma A

The patch is great. The service was good. Fast shipping.

Ashli R.

So far the patch has worked well. I will know more after I have labs done. The shipping took longer than expected.

Bethann F.

I like the the patches their easy to put on everyday. My blood has been good. Thank you.

Gwendolyn K.

I love, love it so far... it doesnt make me sick to my stomach... i just put it on and go about my day. I even forget that i have it on... i will definetly continue to buy these patches ad long as they work... i just started using them, i will know if they work in a month...

Rhonda H.

I recently had gastric sleeve. I LOVE the vitamin patch. I can tell it is working because my nails are growing like crazy and Overall I feel good. So much easier than taking or chewing pills.

Kailee G.

Feel 100% better !

Thelma A.

The patch is great. The service was good. Fast shipping

Bethann F.

I like the the patches their easy to put on everyday. My blood has been good. Thank you.

Rhonda H.

I recently had gastric sleeve. I LOVE the vitamin patch. I can tell it is working because my nails are growing like crazy and Overall I feel good. So much easier than taking or chewing pills.

Judith M.

Love the vitamin patches!

Marion F.

I had my surgery 10+ years ago and was having problems absorbing what I needed... my health was showing it... I discovered the 4 pack of patches for folks after a Gastric By-pass including the Multi Vit, Iron, Vit D along with Vit B...and have been on them a month... I feel wonderful!!! I look forward to a continued refreshing in my body while seeing my levels change.... I Highly recommend the patch option for any one having trouble with the absorption... I am a Happy Customer!!!

Haiana A.

Im really liking the patches. This way I dont have to eat four chewables a day. Which is great because I often would forget my morning ones. Then I have to eat all four at night and that was just a little too much. And the price is cheaper.

Jennifer T.

This is my first month with this product, but it is alot more convenient to put a patch on just once a day compared to taking multiple vitamins. Thanks for having this available.

Melanie T.

Love that I can put this multivitamin plus patch on and its not something that has to be consumed. I will be reordering :)

Dave C.

Quick delivery, after years of pill taking, skin absorption the way to go and these patches work. Your body will be grateful!

Michelle R.

Received right away and easily applied. Thanks.

Carre F.

I love these patches. I dont have to take the oral multivitamin ever again. YES!!!!!!! So happy to have found these. Only issue Ive found so far is that they have a hard time sticking to any other area of my body then my upper chest.

Arlinda A

Seems to work really well! I do have a little more energy.

Carl I.

Excellent product

Kinu Tanaka

I hate swallowing pills, especially when I have to take several of them at one time. I love the patches at first. Overtime, they started to cause skin irritation. SO I am looking for other places to put them on. Love it overall.

Elise M.

Works great, convenience and comfortable

Jala H.

I love this patch! I dont have to shove big pills down my throat. I put one on when I get out of the shower every morning and dont have to worry about it for 24 hours. Love these!


Thank you for the patch, no more stomach aches or bloating from pills. A noticeable difference just after 5 days... more energy and sleeping better!!!

Erika D.

Patches work great will definitely be repurchasing again!!

Jana R.

Great price

Paul g.

The product is fantastic. Great lab reports on my blood work, these are winners.

Chris Kneubuhl

I have been using those for about 2 weeks now and so far I like them will have my lab work done and see how they compare

June W.

I love these!! Very convenient and easy to use. A valuable part of my post gastric sleeve routine.

Sharon Cantrell

Let me start by saying that I have never had bariatric surgery before, and found the multiple vitamin patch by accident online while trying to find an OTC pain patch for my knee. This is the first time in my 60 years of living on this Earth that I have found something that actually works and works almost immediately. I have tried every vitamin and mineral supplement on the market at one time or the other and words are not enough to express how great the multiple vitamin and mineral supplement patch is. I am not kidding when I say that five stars is not enough stars to rate these patches. On day 1, I noticed increased energy levels. After about 5 days of using the patch, I noticed my lifelong and otherwise, weak, brittle, peeling, fragile fingernails were thicker and hard as rocks. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE - NEVER, and Ive even taken vitamin shots on a weekly basis for over a year while on a calorie restricted diet. I wasnt looking for or even expecting this to happen. In less than 10 days of starting these patches I no longer feel the need to take a nap during the day and this is the first Saturday in my lifetime that I woke up at a decent hour wide awake and ready to get out of bed. The change in my energy level is so noticeable that my husband tried one of the patches, and on the first day, he noticed a significant energy boost. Now is using up my patches and wont go a day without one! There is no comparison between these patches and regular vitamin shots, high dosages of B12, or anything I have ever bought or been prescribed in my 60 years of life on this Earth. The convenience of simply putting on one patch versus taking a handful of pills each day - well, words are not enough to describe. I will never, ever, ever, ever go back to taking vitamins/mineral supplements by mouth again. I was not prepared, nor expecting, to see these results over several months of use, much less, over just a day or two of use.

Doreene Mercado

This is the best thing that has ever happened for me. I recently got weight loss surgery and anything by mouth has to be crushed. These patches have made my life so much easier. One less thing to worry about. There super easy to use and give me all I need in one simple little patch.

Tamarahan Gaudet

Ive encountered 2 issues when buying vitamins: 1. HUGE horse pills 2. Chewables have a bad taste. I was thrilled when I saw this simple convenient option. Its so easy to peel and stick these anywhere! Also easy to take when traveling - so small. Thanks to you, I will never have to look for another source for post op vitamins!

Janet Finney

Easy to use. No hassle with crushing pills or adding to smoothies. No more big pills to swallow. Feeling results.

Michael Meilinger

I first learned about the variety of vitamins and supplements available from Health Patches when I was preparing for bariatric surgery. This seemed like an ideal solution for me since most of the chewable vitamins on the market contain some sort of sugar substitute, which I had completely eliminated everywhere else in my diet. However, it turns out that these products became the ideal solution for my wife and daughters, who have a problem with vitamin absorption and always complained about the numerous digestive side effects they found when using OTC multi-vitamins and iron supplements. My daughters iron levels have significantly increased after using this product for just one month. My wife hasnt gotten her blood work yet, but I am certain they will reflect the benefits of using the patch rather than oral delivery method. I will report back after the Doctor checks her results.

Angela Teagle

Ive used the Multi-vitamin patch for 4 days now. The first day, I blistered. The 2nd and 3rd days I ended up with beautiful red squares where the patches were placed. Today, no irritation. Im gonna keep trying because I hate swallowing pills!

Teresa Faughn

So grateful not to have to take a pill! Ive only taken 6 days so far, so have had blood tests to check my levels. I do feel well and you cant get any easier to use!

Carissa Bram

Thanks to these patches I dont have to take anymore vitamin pills. I never did well with pills and it only got worse after my gastric bypass surgery! Thanks to these I am getting my daily vitamins without pills!

Tamarahan Gaudet

Ive encountered 2 issues when buying vitamins: 1. HUGE horse pills 2. Chewables have a bad taste. I was thrilled when I saw this simple convenient option. Its so easy to peel and stick these anywhere! Also easy to take when traveling - so small. Thanks to you, I will never have to look for another source for post op vitamins!

Kara S.

Have found these easy to use, had to use at night to keep from adhesive sides rolling up. First time user, looking forward to blood work soon for results.

Jane Johnson

I have been using these patches for 2 months. I just had blood work done and it was almost perfect regarding my vitamin levels. I was low in B1 and B6. Im very happy not having to swallow vitamins.

Lauren Bottachiari

I love this product. After surgery you are supposed to take six pills ar various times throughout the day. With this patch you put it on and forget it. I told the hospital to start recommending this site to patients who have a hard time swallowing pills. Great product! All my counts were great after six months of using this!

Joni S.

This patch is amazing. Easy to apply, stays on well, easy to remove. No more pills to take. I love it.

Jan T.

Love these! So much better than swallowing more pills! :)

Brandy Ament

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Michelle Ayotte

I wished I had known about this when I had my surgery last year. Ive wasted a lot of money on different types of vitamins that either I found I couldnt swallow, tasted horrible or I had to take so many I didnt have enough room for food. This will be a true lifesaver for me. THANKS!

Lidia T

I love how easy it it to get my daily vitamins. A daily patch instead of swallowing all those pills. Love it.

Paula W.

I highly recommend these especially if you have trouble swallowing a pill. We feel these really do make a difference.

Lidia T.

I love how easy it it to get my daily vitamins. A daily patch instead of swallowing all those pills. Love it.

Jenai W.

Love these patches


Fast shipper, great product, easy to use.

David Ryan

It is a great product. I really like it i do not have to take vitamin anymore. Thank you Vanessa Ryan

Robyn Cameron

These patches are great. They take the place of several tablets over the course of a day, are more economical than their separate counterparts, and take only seconds to use. You can apply them at any time, and since they absorb over eight hours, it doesnt matter if you forget it in the morning, theres still time in your day to apply it and forget it. The true picture will come when my lab results show that I have in fact taken my supplements!

Nancy DeLucia

I love my multivitamin patches! Will definitely keep ordering them. So convenient and you dont have to worry about timing of vitamins and food.

Natasha S.

Working Great!!!

Holly C.

I absolutely love the vitamin patches. They are so easy to use and convenient I placed my order and received them within 3 days. I have referred many friends.

Rolando U.

Can tell a difference as the day went on

Jan W.

I got the patch due to one reason. I had the surgery so I could stop taking so many pills, with the patch Im able to do Judy that. I put it on at bedtime wear it for the 8 hours and take it off when I get up. I love it!!!


I was about 2 days in after surgery , and feeling totally depleted or just plain energy less, when these arrived, I could tell almost immediately, that they were working, but by day 3 ,they were totally maximized, wouldnt want to be without,which is why Im on auto-ship!

Steph Lane

These work great. I feel so good since starting these. So nice not to have to swallow vitamins. They stay on all night, no problems. You only need to wear eight hrs. Definitely recommend!

Letty O.

I love how convenient you make it to get the best multi vitamin.

Barbara P.

I love this!! So easy. I hated taking tons of vitamins every day. Would recommend and have recommended to my friends.

Tammy W.

Easy to use.

Melissa E.

After sleeve surgery, vitamins never sat well in my new stomach. The patches give me all the nutrients I need without getting sick everyday! I highly recommend these!!

Citriana C.

Very dependable!

Wendy S.

Love my vitamin patches theyve eliminated a few pills from my daily arsenal and save me money in the long run because I dont have to buy so many different types. BariatricPal made it super easy to set up monthly auto-shipments and my package arrived in less than a week from the time I ordered it. Im super glad I found your site thanks for the awesome service.

Valerie Wilson

Love, love, love it!! No more swallowing pills. Works great, blood work has looked better after using the patch!


Ive been using these for several months until recently. I had a physical and was told that my vitamin D is too low. I was told I should be taking 4000 IU a day. When I got home I checked the package of the patch and was shocked that Im supposedly already taking 5000 IU.

Mischa B.

Just wish there was more adhesive on the patch. They fall off pretty easy

Carmanita S.

Great product.

Tina G.

Ordered the patches I needed two months ago. Had lab work done and today went for my results. My lab work was outstanding!! If you havent tried he patch you need too!!!!! Thank you BariatricPal Pal

Zaida S.

It is Awesome, has help me greatly with my vitamins intake.

Juliellen F.

I love my patches it much better than taking a bunch of vitamins throughout the day after reducing the size of your stomac. I just wish the shipping would be cheaper.

Rachel Arnold

Ever since I started using the patches I have Had more energy and I love how easy they are!

Jan T.

Im so happy with the MultiVitamin Patch. I take enough medicine, that this saves me taking 4 more. Thank you!!!!


I have always had a sensitive stomach and recently developed IBS. I was so happy to find these patches as now I can get the vitamins I need without stomach upset and severe GI distress as happens with pills. I have only been taking them for a month but already I can feel the difference. I have more energy and am not so tired throughout the day. If I skip a day or two I definitely notice a difference in how I feel. I am so thankful to the doctors who developed this product. They have changed my life!

Penny T.

These patches help me get my vitamins regularly. With the pills, I would skip doses because I had to swallow so many big pills.

Kelly A.

I feel real good.

Rhonda L.

I absolutely love this product!! I can tell the difference in the way I feel!! It is one less thing I have to swallow! With the stomach sleeve this is a God send!! ????

Ana R.

Its great. I wish I had found out it about soon its great!

Jessica M.

My Bf and I werent sure how these would be, but theyre awesome! Had my regular blood work and all my levels are awesome. These are super convenient. Stick well and work great. Fabulous product!

Elizabeth P.

Patches are great.

Cortney P.

Very easy! Love the patches!

Dana H.

Arrived on time. Soft chews are delicious.

Teresa G.

Love the patches so far!! Highly recommend!!

Sandra K.

Game changer for sure I already feeling back to normal and better than ever. Going to try the joint support products next.

Susan L.

Just received my patches last week and I love the ease of wearing them. A lot easier than trying to remember chewables vitamins multiple times a day. Cant wait to do my labs to see that I am getting what I need.

denise C

I love this product..I got it aunt with cancer and she stopped being sick and her numbers were so much I said my turn.

Cathleen L.

Easy to apply hope it works.

Debra Smith

Best multi vitamin ever. I love the patch!!

Amy H.

I had wls in June of 2016. By July I was hospitalized with several issues. One of the issues a severe vitamin deficiency. I was deficient in B1 and B6. After being released from the hospital I ordered the B patches and multi vitamin patches. I havent had any problems with my vitamin levels since. I have regained my strength and feel amazing. My surgeon was so amazed by my turn around and asked what I was doing differently. I told him I got patches up!

Laura L.

They are so easy to use. All I have to do to get my vitamins in is put on the patch. Much easier than swallowing a bunch of pills.

Allen G

upon using these patches i had a lot more energy than usual,it is so wonderful that this product goes straight to the blood stream i give this product 5 stars. AL -NC

Bellena Y.

Im 51/2 months out and have not been taking a multivitamin. Because everkind Ive tryed has made me sick. So I tryed the patch & its awesome. Im going to order the calcium patch now. Because I cant remember to take my 2nd dosage. It truly has changed my life. Thanks for helping me make the best decision of my life.

Catrina M.

These are excellent. I had gastric sleeve surgery 6 months ago and my labs were perfect this week at my check up!

Lari K.

I finally can get my multivitamins in and not feel sick to my stomach! Im so happy to that I discovered this patch. Thank you Bariatric Pal?

Crystal B.

So far so good. Im a little skeptical about how to know exactly what is on the patch, amounts etc. Time and tests will tell though. Im hoping it works because its so much easier.

Jessica W.

I dont know what I would do without my patches! They are so easy to put on. I put them under my bra so they stay put. I never have any issue with them falling off.

Cortney F.

So far, so good. Other forms of vitamins made me ill, these thane not. Only issue has been the sticker sometimes needs reinforced with paper tape. Will purchase repeatedly.

Charles P.

Great product, great service & delivery!

Deborah S.

My blood work was great with them and this batch stayed on better!

Paula T.

Fast shipping great product

Samantha M.

I love them!

Latisha H.

So far so good well see how my blood work comes out.

Tracy S.

I first purchased the patch from my Bariatric doctors office and they were a little pricey, I was so excited to find Bariatric Pal and saved so much money, these patches are amazing - I definitely notice the difference in how I feel. I recommend them to all my friends even if they havent had surgery!!

Ashley t.

Best multi vitamin supplement post op! Increased my energy after one day!

Lillian B.

Great products.

Theresa S.

100% better then taking the daily required vitamins after a weight loss surgery! 1 patch each night before bedtime then take it off and throw it away in the morning. Easy!

Mickey A

These vitamin patches are AMAZING!

Mary S.

Will keep on wearing the patches as is a great way of getting vitamins and etc without upsetting the digestive system.

Kim p.

I absolutely love the patch.

Jana Barnes

Since starting my multivitamin patches, I have not had ONE dizzy spell. I used to get dizzy every time I stood up from a sitting position. No more! I feel 100% better!

Shauna B.

They were at my house fast and they are working really well for me. I had gastric sleeve so its hard for me to take vitamins and these help a lot.

Diane G.

I have used the patch since a month after RNY surgery. Now 18 months later, all my lab work comes back excellent! So much easier then pills.

Elizabeth M.

I could say, that i am really bad at taking pills and this patches work great for me , I am also making my husband use them.

Pamper R.

I tried the patches for 1 week an seem to experience nausea everyday not sure why. So I stopped wearing the patches for this week and have had no episodes of the nausea. Since Im not sure if its the patches causing nausea I will try wearing them again next week and see if the nausea comes back. That is the best review I can give at this time.

Anita A

I love it. Looking forward to more shopping

Kathy H.

I have a difficult time swallowing pills and remembering to be consistant with daily pills. These vitamin patches have been fabulous. I just slap them on and Im done. What a great solution.

Ramona S.

I really like the patches, just having trouble getting them to stay on but I really do like them thank u.

Jackie G.

No,adhesion problems.

Karen V.

I think it works great! It has kept my energy up! My daughter started using these before I did and they really seemed to work for her so I gave them a try! They have to be working because I am not eating enough of any food to keep my energy up, so I am confident these work. I havent had my blood work done yet to confirm for certain. They are so convenient and you dont worry about talking vitamins throughout the day. I love them!

Jamie C.

I love this product. I cant take much medication so this is very convenient and easy!!!

Susan J.

Went to the Dr and my blood wook came out awesome.

Millicent M.


Holly C.

I found these patches after I had gastric sleeve surgery. I was having a difficult time swallowing all my pills, then I found these patches! They have the daily % that my Surgeon recommended and so much easier to use! My energy level has been amazing with them!! Thank you soooo much!!

Mary G.

This product is essential to reinvigorate energy after gastric sleeve surgery. The effects were immediate.

Rosie E.

It great product.

Heather K.

Very good product.

Kitty F.

Easy to put on. I am tired of taking so many vitamins day in and day out. I often forget. Im hoping that these will work really well.


I had been having problems with chewable multi vitamins after my gastric sleeve surgery. Tried four different brands and all of them made me feel sick. While looking for liquid vitamins I found they also came in patches and it has been a great decision to try. They are so comfortable, once a day at the same time so it is now part of my daily routine and I forget about it until next day. Totally recommended.

Leah E.

SOOOOO much easier than swallowing all those pills!

Bobby N.

Really like them a lot.

Connie B.


Emily O.

I was really worried before my surgery that I would have the hardest time with the vitamins because I have had a hard time my whole life with swallowing pills. Then I found these patches and everything has been smooth sailing since. Ill never go back.

Donald d.

Ive been using the patches for about 6 months now. The last few packs have not attached to the skin as well and have been hard to peel off the paper. Love the convenience rather than swallowing a pill.

Cheryl L.

Love this product!! So easy to use!!

Emma G.

Great products.

Linda T.

Enjoyed the vitamins do well.

Carolyn F.

I love them. Its much easier than taking a bunch of pill.

Janet R.

Love the convenience of the patches!

Vangie H.

Im very pleased with the patch it has worked so well!

Deborah C.

So far all is well with using the patch. I like putting it on for 8 hours then taking off. I cant chew the vitamins they dont work well with my stomach. These are a lifesaver!

Sylvia C.

Good product easy to use.

Bert J.

Very satisfied with this product.

Heather Yearsley

The multi vitamin patch is a life savor for me! Vitamins make me sick but I need them. The patch is the answer! Love it!!!

Cristy C.

I found them to be very easy to use and hopefully the keep my levels up. We will see at my next MD appt next month.

Linda B.

Love, love the new baruatric vitamin patch. Its a patch thats not a patch for vitamin intake assurance...its the real thing!

Sarah l.

Love that vitamins are available in patch!!!

Stacy B.

So happy to be taking 3 less pills a day. Wish it had more iron thou.

Rachel M.

My husband has the gastric sleeve surgery last July. Once we were home he started taking a multi vitamin. Every time he chewed it he threw up and felt sick the rest of the day. So I started researching other options. Thats when I discovered vitamin patches. The patches are the best thing for bariatric patients. My husband puts one on in the morning and takes it off when he goes to bed. When he had his vitamin levels checked by his doctor after having been on the patch for two months everything was within range. I honestly did not think the vitamin patches would work. But I have seen the proof and am so thankful there is an easier way to get the vitamins in his system.

Tabitha S.

Love how easy it is to put my vitamin patch on and not have to worry about it all day!

Nancy B.

The patch wouldnt stick to my clean skin. Wont purchase again.

Natalie W.

Easist waY to take your vitamins. Especially after you have had bariatric surgery and taki g pills are dificult. You arw able to make srw you are maintaing your health.

Jess H.

I have leaky gut syndrome from years of overeating and indulging in binge eating sessions. I work closely with a holistic doctor who several years ago suggested trying the Health Patches vitamin patches. At the time I was deficient in many vitamins and minerals, including B12, B6, B1, B2, Folate, Vitamin D and Zinc. As I result I began using many of the patches. The multivitamin patches worked with proof from blood tests three months later. All of levels were within completely normal range. I stopped using them for some reason or another and here I am a year later back to feeling how I used to. I ordered the patches today and couldnt be more thrilled that they are on the way!

Michelle C.

These are a life-saver, as vitamins in pill form were difficult for me to swallow post-surgery.

Erica J

I have more energy & I actually felt the difference in a few days! Plus I dont have to taste the vitamin YES!!! I am telling everyone about this product!!!

Ezet S.

Love these patches since I have a hard time swallowing pills this is a lifesaver. The price is always good. I always get a reminder ahead of time to reorder.

Kaia M.

Until I have bloodwork done, Im not sure if Im getting enough of the vitamins I need through this patch. I will report back after next bloodwork up

Michelle W.

I love the vitamin Patch. Its such an easy and great way to get my vitamins since my surgery.

Vanessa D.

The product is great! The shipping is usually long though.

Sally M.

I absolutely love this product!! I can tell the difference in the way I feel!! It is one less thing I have to swallow! With the stomach sleeve this is a God send!! ????

Kimberly M.


Mary B

I have such a hard time getting my vitamins in. This patch has changed everything! No more stomach cramping and discomfort. I wish Id found these sooner!

Idelisa R.

Works well when worn double.

Dana E.

Easy to use

Eva T.

I have a hard time with my sleeve absorbing the vitamins with the patches I get what I need. No more stomach aches. Thank you for an awesome product.

Mariana O.

My pouch was not able to tolerate the chewable vitamins so this patch was a life saver. So simple, you put it on and go on with your day.

Shannon F.

I love the ease of using these vitamin patches! Makes life easier!

Cynthia G.

Ive been using these multivitamin patches for a few months now. I really love not having to take a bunch of multivitamin pills daily . The patches are very convenient and I dont get nauseous as I did with Bariatric vitamin pills. There are no side effects. I decided to try the anti aging patches too. The only problem is that I had ope ned both packs of patches and took them out of their sleeves. I mixed them up accidentally. Now I dont know which are which. I wish they could tag the back of each individual page of paper of patches. They look and even smell the same and I cant tell them apart. Im very pleased with the products.

Cissy Thomas

Completely Satisfied

Deann G.

I absolutely love the multivitamin patch! It makes getting my supplements so much easier. Bariatric Pal is quick on getting the order out and shipped. I placed my order and received it 3 days later!

Glenda D.

I had VSG 2 months ago and couldnt take vitamin pills by mouth, they made me nauseous. I tried the patches, honestly not expecting much - I love them!!! You put a small patch on once a day and you forget about it. It doesnt make me nauseous at all and my energy level has increased! I can tell a big difference! I will definitely be buying more and highly recommend!

Shelly K

I am amazed at how much healthier my hair feels and looks. My skin and face look more refreshed also.

Elizabeth S.

Love it! Small and compact - easy application and stays on the duration of the time required. Have recommended to all my patients.

Dorothy C.

Very easy to use, stays on well even after showering.

Tara W.

So far this has been very good and I love I can put it on the body and not worry about it

Deborah E.

I had bariatric surgery three months ago and have been using this patch for three months. Had my blood drawn for my first set of post-op labs. Will know more when I get the results from my Dr.

Amy R.

Consistent use gives me energy!

Andrea R.

Been using these for over a year and super happy with them. Better than taking 8 different vitamins a day. The ordering is a breeze since they reorganized.

Deborah G.

Easy to apply, and forget all day

Beth M.

Easy to apply

Francesca V.

Im very satisfied with the patches. Thanks for your service.

Sonya T.

I have been using these for about 3 months. I have just had my labs done for my 6 month visit after RYN and my labs are excellent I take this patch along with the B12 Energy. I was having issues getting sick on the pills or them getting stuck and this has given me an answer to my issues. Highly recommend!!

Dr. D.

I really love the product. It serves as a means for my patients who are tired of taking pills!

Melanie N.

Taking vitamins used to make me sick to my stomach, so being able to get ALL the vitamins out need without feeling nauseous is amazing! I suggest them weekly to friends!


I love this patch it is very helpful and convenient. I would recommend this everyone.

Valerie D.

With a busy schedule, its difficult to find time for vitamin regimens. These patches make it so easy, I added it to my bedtime routine, peel it off in the morning, and no longer have to think about vitamins all day.

Kathy L.

I absolutely love this patch. I take so many medications this is a wonderful way of skipping about 5 pills daily.

Lucia B.

I have been having a huge problem with chewable multivitamins. I am not tolerating the taste or the fact that most of them are large tablets. My nutritionist suggested these patches. Since I have been using them, I feel like I am doing what I am supposed to do to keep myself healthy. I just put a small patch (One inch square) on in the morning and take it off before I go to bed. You do need to rotate sites. Any transdermal patch can cause tissue changes if you keep using the same site. I cannot say how well I have been absorbing these vitamins. I will be getting a series of blood tests in a few months to see if this is working. Overall, I am happy with the product.

Melissa F.

I just wish it stuck better. I have to use tape to keep it on.

Monica G.

I am so glad i found these vitamin patches. They are great and i dont have to swallow 100 huge and disgusting vitamin pills anymore. I use one patch daily on my chest and i have not had any issues to date! i would highly recommend these to anyone who is having trouble getting their pills down!

Bart G.

So glad to have found this vitamins patches! All the vitamins on pill for were making me gag after taking them for a long period of time.

Patricia N.

I really like my mullti vitamin patch so much easier than my chewable vitamins.

Agustina C.

I just bought it, but have hesrd very good comments from baristric patients and more convenient than having to be taking oral vitamins.

Christy H.

Absolutely love my patch. Labs are always perfect!!!

Megan M.

Love this product!!! Wont use anything else :)

Nancy S.

Love love love it will be ordering again and l many more

Jami D.

Love it!

Casandra T.

This was a good alternative during the early stages of recovery when it was hard to swallow. And it didnt upset my stomach like the chewables.

Kristen B.

I have been using this product for about two weeks. It has given me the energy to make it through my busy days. We went on a family trip, and my kids couldnt keep up with me. I would highly recommend it for people who do not like to swallow vitamins or for people with digestive issues where ingestible vitamins do not get absorbed fully into the blood stream.

Stephanie F.

I am horrible at remembering to take a pill, not to mention that they upset my stomach this patch is amazing! I love the patch and my Doctor is the one who recommended them to me! Recommend them to all!

Steven B.

I purchase this product for my mother who lives in another state. She is 90 years old and lives on her own. Her health has improved, even her primary physician said that the patch was a great idea. Ive been happy with the results and service here. I do find it a little curious that you wait until January 7th to request a review on an October 12th transaction.

Sherry B.

I bought these because I would always forget to take my vitamins. I figured this would be the easiest way to do it. I love the fact I am getting so many vitamins and nutrients in a little patch. I have did lots of research into vitamins and absorption, most vitamins you take by mouth pass right through the body. The best absorption is through the skin, which is why transdermal patches are the absolute best.

Joann M.

It is so much easier than trying to take multiple pills throughout the day! It is already hard enough to get my food and water in without worrying about pills!! Thank you!!!

Charles J.

It Works! Most Convenient! Affordable!!

Jessica M.

My Bf and I werent sure how these would be, but theyre awesome! Had my regular blood work and all my levels are awesome. These are super convenient. Stick well and work great. Fabulous product!

Tina C.

I was having a hard time digesting vitamin pills so decided to bypass my digestion! Best decision ii ever made. Need to order more.

Carol C.

I have been using the multi vit patches for about 6 months. I had roux n y 20 months ago and couldnt keep my labs where they needed to be by ingesting supplements orally. After just 60 days on the patch my labs have been perfect!! Now i have pouch room for nutritious food!!

Chante W.

This is an awesome alternative to having to swallow 5 different bariatric pills in one day. You place the patch on in the morning and go! At my follow up appointments my vitamin levels have been awesome!! Every bariatric office should suggest the vitamin patch!! I highly recommend this product!!

Doug S.

I have been with Health Patches for 4 months now. Going through a life changing event in May of 2016, Health Patches has been with me every step of the way. My surgeon recommended Patch to me as he was an avid user as well. He would order extra packets and I would just buy from him in the beginning. As time went on I no longer needed to be in his office on a regular basis and that is when my partnership with begin. As for the product, it is second to none. Using the patch my energy level stays consistent and the patch is much easier to maintain with my busy travel schedule vs weekly pull planner. Thanks patch for being a part of my 145 lb conversion (and counting). Not sure I could have achieved this goal without you.

Jeri Brittain

Wearing this patch daily is so much easier than trying to swallow a mouthful of different vitamins! Its easy, its simple, I love it!!

Bonnie Barr

I feel like I am getting full advantage of the vitamin that are important to my health. So easy to use.


easy to use; adhesive just right....does not leave any marks! So much better than taking the vitamins orally!

Renee Coughlan

This is my second month of using the MultiVitamin Plus Patches. Feeling great, and loving that I am not having to down so many supplements every day! I feel so much more confident in the potency of this method, as I have always worried about the absorbtion of nutrients with my compromised digestive system.


I love these they are so easy ,no nausea no pill swallowing

Michelle Alvarez

I just started using the Health Patches and I love them it is so convenient and no more pill popping.

Rosie Espinoza

Awesome multi vitamins and also services

Iza F.

I love it!

Erin S.

Mist awesome thing ever!!! No more swallowing a million pills a day! So relieved and happy Im still getting the nutrients I need... easily!!!

Amanda F.

So far good now we will see when we go for a check up to see how good they are.

Tricia S.

Convenient with no stomach upset. Just wish it was water-proof!

Carmen L.

So glad I found these. My bloodwork was great and I dont have to take some many pills in a day! Love it.

Holly H.

I cant tolerate chewable vitamins so this is a great way to get the vitamins I need!

April F.

Convenient and great! Will purchase again.

Marilyn H.

Love the convenience.

Nita L.

Very happy with my patches and ordering process. Recieved my order on a timely manner. I like the no shipping.

Steph B.

I was skeptical at first because this seemed too easy. I was wrong, these are amazing! They really work! I would always forget my pills but I never forget to wear these patches. I have friends that have had great blood work as well, Cant wait to get mine done in a few months!

Brenda F.

Since Ive started using the multi-vitamin patches, my nausea has completely subsided. I had no idea that the vitamins that I was(nt) taking were causing it! So convenient to use!

Dustin F.

I looked at many vitamin option post surgery and was really frustrated that there was not much one a day types. I went with tbe patch and have been very happy with it. The only down side is the shipping is ridiculous for the size of the package.

Andrea B.

This patch is so awesome. . I used to get so sick of giving myself shots, and taking multiple pills... now I just put one on and go...

Miranda C.

These are wonderful for people who cannot take vitamins by mouth. We also ordered the Iron patches which are so great.

Robin N.

I love the patch. So much easier then swallowing lots of vitamins.

Andrea F.

Not to big and oversized.

Nena S.

It makes it so easy!

Sandra L.

Love not taking pills. Easy to use & they must be working because my immunity has fought of the germs this past yr. good product!

Elizabeth Simpkins

Im 3 days post-op from vsg and this makes getting my vitamins in so easy!

Jodie M.

My bariatric surgeon sells these patches in his office but its not always convenient for me to get to their office so I would go without my patches. With the auto-ship I no longer have to worry about that! Thanks,!

Deborah J.

Easy, convenient.

Castha V.

Multivitamin patch

Kara M.

I got the multivitamin patches and the PB&J snacks. The patches seem to work wonderfully. The snacks arent bad. A little to much for still being on soft foods.

Gwen B.

They send their product right on time

Iris W.

I have been using the MultiVitamin plus and its amazing. I will continue to use this product. I like it because I dont have to take a lot of pills.

Elisa G.

Im so glad to have found these patches. I was having to take so many different vitamins and my body wasnt absorbing them properly. Now, I just put on a patch in the morning and take it off at night. It is so much better than taking a hand full of pills that arent working. The patch is absorbing into my blood stream is working so far. And, Im feeling much better since Ive started using it.

Azeneth E.

These patches are amazing

Christine W.

Love the patch, gives me what I need without having to swallow a lot of vitamins

Michelle K.

So easy! No more swallowing tons of vitamins! I love the patches.

Stephanie C.

So far the patches are good. Not sure how well they work yet. Havent taken them long enough to have lab work. Havent had any problems keeping them on like others have mentioned. I only gave it 4 stars because I had to wait a whole week before I received them. I ordered them on a Friday afternoon knowing they might not ship till Monday but they didnt ship until Wednesday.

Sharon P.

Have used vitamin patches for 6 weeks and noticing a huge reduction in hair loss. I refuse to take pills so vitamin patches have been perfect for me. I can see results and know they are effective. I use the multivitamin, B-12 and D3. Happy to have the patches.

Katha H.

I thought I was just getting old, because I had no energy. 5 days after I started using the Multi Vitamin Patch, my legs no longer felt like lead. I had energy to do my housework and grocery shopping - in the same day! Praises

Martha W.

This is a great product. Its easy to use and very effective. I love it.

Brigitte K.

its amaazing!!!!

Kristin C.

I use this product everyday! My blood work has been fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone who asks or wants my opinion on what they should use!

Hope C.

I used to get sick when I would take vitamins and now with these it is perfect as i get the nourishment I need without having to swollen a pill. Thanks

Dana G.

Great Product. Easy to use!

Hannah B.

I love the ease of just putting a patch on and going about my day. The thought of taking a pill in the morning sometimes makes me nauseous. I love this!

Angelia G.

I LOVE being able to not have to swallow and pill and get all my daily vitamins in. This is so worth it...

Yesenia H.

Excellent product and excellent company


Excellent choice

Deborah N.

After my bariatric surgery I could not tolerate any type of oral vitamins. I spent hundreds of dollars on chewables, liquids, and dissolvable vitamins! Then I saw a link for the vitamin patch. I knew I had nothing to lose! It has been the answer to my vitamin needs. I have had full blood work up and all my levels are great! These are the last vitamins I will ever purchase! I will never take another oral vitamin again!


This product does exactly what it advertised. As well as what everyone said about it...really wish I knew about this 10 years ago.

Ruby A.

Im a new gastric sleeve recipient and I want to do everything right. Taking gummy vites was my daily ritual. Now with the patches life is so much easier.


This product has done exactly what it said it would do. As well as what everyone else has said about it. Really wish I knew about this product with my first surgery. I suffered from vitamin deficiency horribly 10 years ago, Im very hopeful this time around.

Crystal D.

I love them. They are good quality.

Leona L.

I love these patches!


For those of you who hate having to swallow pills that sometimes are large and tend to get stuck or having to taste yucky ones that are chewable, this is the vitamin for you. Just peel and stick. Thats it just peel and stick. So easy and the reviews are great on the labs too.

Kelly Michel

I have issues with pills getting stuck going down so this was an awesome alternative to oral vitamins. Although a bit pricey, Ive found it to be worth it. The extra energy has helped me focus and feel good! Recommend to all!

Talley L.

Very convenient and these little suckers stay on! Ive even showered and slept with one on and it stayed put! The package does say the patches are not waterproof, but they are sturdy.

Lisa McCain

I Love the Patches!!!!

Emily A OConnell

Ive used this patch for a while and my bloodwork has been great ever since I started on it. My only issue with it is the adhesive. Sometimes I get one thats so sticky I feel like my skin is going with it when I take it off and other times I literally have to put a piece of tape over it to keep it stuck down. Overall, a small price to pay. They work great.

Maureen Kemp

So far so good....thank you so much for a patch, post surgery I just dont handle,the chewable.

Julia LeGath

This is a great way to maintain your daily vitamin requirements, particularly, if you are already taking several other daily meds. I initially had trouble keeping the patch on but I now put a small generic band aid over it and have had no problem sense!

irvin ward

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Carol Cailler

I have been using the multivitamin patches for 6 months. I have had 3 sets of labs confirming the postive results!! I am allergic to adhesives and these patches have water soluable adgesive so it doesnt bother me at all!! These are a miracle!!

Wendy McKay

These patches take so much work out of bariatric vitamins! Its already harder to swallow after surgery so I couldnt imagine having to take all of the vitamins as directed. Putting one patch on once a day is as easy as it gets!

Kym Francis

I love my patchs. My last order my bag wasnt sealed all the way. I email BariatricPal store and they sent me a new order out right away. They are awesome.

Donna Crosslin

Because of long-standing intestinal issues I have been concerned about inadequate intestinal absorption and resulting nutritional deficiencies for a long time. When I searched for an alternative to adequate nutrition through food or pills, I found the Patch. But, several years ago I had surgery performed through my belly-button. Despite telling the surgeon not to use anything like a band-aid on me, he did. I recovered slowly from anesthetic and by the time I tried to remove the band-aid I had two perfectly square raised red areas, like burns. I had those scars for years. Having had similar reactions to other types of patches I was leery. But, another reviewer indicated a similar band-aid problem and said the patches were fine. So, I jumped in and purchased a months supply. I cannot yet attest to whether it is delivering vitamins as promised, but I CAN say the patch leaves ABSOLUTELY NO irritation on my skin. Yeah!! Ill be ordering more for sure.

georgia gresham

I love these patches,no more having to take so many different pills every day. They are very convenientand easy to apply. I wouldnt take anything for these. Very well pleased with them and the price I can get them at from your store.

Katha Horton

Im 69 years old. I thought I was just feeling my age. I started using the Multi patch and within 5 days I had life in my legs again! Its a new lease on life!

Julie Shultz

Since I started using the multimate vitamin patch, I feel so much more energetic and balanced. Combined with the calcium pstch, my skin glows and my gums dont bleed like they used to.

Penny A Taylor

I like these patches because they replace the big pills I had to swallow before. I think its easier on my stomachs to have fewer pills to digest. Only wish they were water proof.


Love Love Love!! I never have to swallow any pills again! This patch has a time release and equals my daily regiment of vitamins needed to support my new sleeve (Surgery 10/5/16) . My normal daily pill intake would be 3 times a day and cost me $37 a month for Walmart brand vitamins. This patch cost me $20 a month for a 30 day supply. Do the math and enjoy!! :D Also swab area w/ alcohol before applying so it sticks to your skin...use areas that dont have hair (hip, upper buttocks, arm, & shoulders). I had a little trouble the first 2 days, but after contacting customer service I learned oily/ lotioned areas will not allow the patch to stick on. Good luck!! :D


I love that this patch cuts out taking so many pills.


As most of us know, trying to get all of our daily requirements in is a true challenge -especially when we have to drink something or eat something. The Patch is an excellent and efficient and convenient way to get your daily dose of vitamins and stay on track!

Melissa Frie

It is so nice to be able to use a multi vitamin patch instead of taking 4 huge chewables a day. The chewables make my stomach upset and the patch doesnt. The only reason I didnt give the patches a 5 star is because the stick on them doesnt hold very well. I use a piece of medical tape to keep mine on all day. Other than that I love these patches!

Michelle Arno

Have been using for 1 year now since I had the sleve done. My labs are great! I am not a pill taker so this is the perfect product for me.

Stacey Johnson

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Shanna Nispel

The patches have been great! I no longer need to take any oral vitamins, even calcium is included!

Kate Higby

These patches are so easy and much better for my stomach with my ulcers! Havent been on them long enough to know my lab levels and how well theyre working but they are SUPER easy and a great value!

Neelm Dhanda

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Sophia Davis-Fields


Jennifer Kallas

I love that its just stick and go

Mary Ohlig

It was the greatest Solution after Surgery and kept me from being so sick.

Amber Garcia

Great product. So much easier then taking a combo of pills daily. I love it!

Kathryn Rigney

These patches are really good

Domonique Schweighart

I was having troubles with the Celebrate vitamins and other bariatric vitamins so in a support group someone recommended the patches. I looked into them right away and bought these to "try them out" I have never been happier with a purchase. I plan on buying the pack intended for gastric sleeve to help me remember all my important vitamins each day. BEST. PURCHASE. EVER.

Kathryn Sharp

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Marcia Peterson

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches


Was first introduced to these in my drs office. Super convenient & effective. The ONLY downside is its not waterproof.

Sally Beck

I need to supplement my diet with multi-vitamins but have a difficult time swallowing such large pills and absolutely HATE "gummies". If these patches are doing what they say they are, they are a "God send". Ill know more when I get my latest blood test results - fingers and toes crossed!

Maria Reynolds

I have been on the multivitamin patch for 3 months. I absolutely loving the convince of being on the patch. Its easy to apply. I no longer have to worrying if Im going to swallow the large multivitamin pills. I love how I receive my patches on a scheduled bases and billed automatically.

Barbara Weronski

Tried this before bariatric surgery. Hubby and I each used it while on a Caribbean cruise. We could tell how much better we felt and it is so much easier than taking pills.

Raelyn Honey

The bariatric patch works amazing.

Cynthia Wilkins

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Ramona Lambert

I think this product is amazing, it works very well.

Noelle Ryan

Started my Health Patches during my liquids phase pre-op and now one week post op and have continued since. I was able to go apple picking 5 days post op and considering the liquid diet is around 400 calories I dont think this would have been possible without the vitamins.

Leanne Long

I have been using the MultiVitamin Plus Patch since I had WLS in January 2016. My numbers have been GREAT! My doctor is very pleased with the results I have been getting. I also use the D3/calcium patches. I will never go back to swallowing a vitamin pill again.

Debbye Stewart

I have been using the "MultiVitamin Plus Patch" since my Bariatric Surgery. Just received a rave review from my surgeon about my current lab results. Spot on (no deficiencies in any area). Just one little patch each morning after my shower and no more nasty pills by the handful. I highly recommend this product. Be sure to set it up for reoccurring shipments each month, so you will never be without!

Judith McCarthy

These compare to the chewable vitamins that my nutritionist recommended but they are less costly and so much more convenient. I love my Health Patches vitamins.

Crystal Duncan


Tracey Scott

Easy to use

gina jennings

I love the patches so easy and nothing to put in my mouth great product.

Cheryl Lyles

Love my patch! So easy!

stacey smith

I love the vitamin easy to use.


I found these patches 2-3 wk post op. I thought I would never get all these pill down. These patches have been a life saver for me. The only issue is getting them to stick better.

Pamela Lewis

Great Product!! I do not miss all the pills!! Thanks.

Michelle Schmarge

Love how easy it is! No taking pills is best for me.

Lauren Harkness

Great option for those who dont tolerate pills well. All my labs have been fine except for b1 being low.


Easy to use Oral vitamins would cause nausea. Will check my lab work in 3 months and make sure they are doing what they are supposed to. I feel better on the patches.

Sharon Jones

It has only been a little over a week since I started taking the plus patch it is very convenient and easy to use, I will be purchasing the multi vitamin on a regular as well as other items

Tina Clements

I have had such a difficult time digesting anything including vitamins after researching the patches I decided to give them a try and absolutely live them. I have more energy and hair is no longer falling out!

Ann Marie Ellis

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Jodi Bober

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Kristin Clarke

Easy to use product! I love it its so much better than having to take 10-12 different pills a day and remember how to space them out. Put this on in the morning and you are good until the next morning.

TreyLynn Schomp

I absolutely LOVE my MultiVitamin Plus Patch! I cant take regular oral multivitamins because they make me so sick to my stomach, so after my gastric surgery I started using these and even got some of my family started on them as well. These have been a game changer for me!!

Eleanore Kashub

Dislike remembering to take my pills and then swallowing them with water or yougurt. Always searching for a simpler way without messing up and thats so easy for me . My bariatric multi vitamin patch cant be any easier. I leave it in the kitchen and use one every morning without fail . I knew that this patch method was perfect for me and its no secret now cause all of my friends want it too .

Linda Charles

I am so pleased with this patch. I am tired of swallowing pills and this is so easy.

Anna Qualls

I havent used these long and Im still pre-op but love that its so easy, no worries about timing with other meds or meals. Time and lab work will tell, but I think Im sold!

Ingrid Lewis

I had such a hard time with the regime of taking 2 MV, 3 Cal and 1 Iron pill daily. I just stop doing it! My sister-in-law, who had Bariatric surgery would get on me about not taking my vitamins. But when someone else told me about the patch and I tried it, it was all that I needed! One patch did it all and my last bloodwork proved to me that it was working, I didnt need any extra vitamin D3, this time around! :)

Jessica Griffith

So easy when swallowing lots of pills are challenging.

Amanda Rye

Havent had labs done yet but I can tell a difference with energy levels and stamina when I do and dont have a patch on.

Adrianne Campen

Its every vitamin and dosage that I am required to take (post surgery). I love the convenience of the patch. No more forgotten pills during the day! Ive told several people about this, and they are all using it now!

Linda Palmer

What a lifesaver. Since my sleeve its been so difficult to swallow pills. This is amazing! And works fantastic! No more gagging on pills!!!!

Star Ames

The GOOD: Grateful there is one less pill to take. The BAD: Patch gets dirty and doesnt stay on well. OVERALL: It is a good product, a good value for the price


I have trouble taking pills this jas been super easy to use...once i do my labs and see of its be beneficial i will rate a 5

Christy Humphrey

This has kept my levels in the appropriate ranges.

Lisa Brown

So far, I am absolutely loving these vitamin patches. I have more energy than I did before I started using them.

Lisa Brown

Ive been using this vitamin patch since 3 months pre-op. Now that Im finally 3 months post-op Ive had blood work done to determine if these truly work. All lab results came back normal. The only complaint and reason for 4 stars versus 5 is that this past months batch are not very sticky. They come off too easily. This is something that needs to be addressed with Health Patches. These vitamins are useless if the patches dont stay in place. Ill change my review when this issue is fixed.

Kristin Brooks

The first vitamins I took after WLS made me want to throw up every time I smelled them. Plus they were giant and I had to take 3 a day. So I was very happy to find these. Less pills to swallow!!!! Im getting my first labs back soon, but people in my support group have been fine with them so I dont expect any problems. My only really complaints is that they could be a little stickier and I wish they were waterproof like some other patch drugs Ive taken. Then I could go swimming or shower after the gym without wasting a whole patch or waiting till the 12 hours is up.

Mary Brown

I really like them. They have cut down the amount of pills I have to swallow everyday. They have much more of what isnt in most vitamins. Would highly recommend.

David Ryan

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Betty Hunter

My patches arrived very quickly and are using them now,great service and pleased to be able to track my order.

Carla Lewis

I purchased these vitamin patches and have been using them for about a week. its too soon to tell if they are a good quality as a vitamin. Some of the patches do not stick real well. Ive had 2 of 6 fall off. They are really easy to use so I hope they work out well. Yes I would recommend them mainly for how easy they are to use.

Theresa Bryon

I recently ordered the MultiVitamin Patch from Health Patches and I love it. It is so easy. I was tired of the vitamin pills and chewables and was looking for a better way to get my vitamins in. The patchs are easy, just one a day and I dont have to struggle with pills or chewables.

Veronica Marshall

I am an RN . I strongly recommend the multivitamin patch. I spent over $100.00 trying chewable multivitamins. Chewable multivitamins made me nauseated. I am a firm believer in being compliance with medicines.

Kristian Silveira

Love it!!!!!!!

Paula Kennedy

These patches are better than taking the vitamin pills but sometimes come off.


Very convenient

Jacqueline Dawson

I really do live all of your products

Nancy Steele

Love it so much easier then taking pills

Amy Sisco

Super easy and convenient. Love them!

Kim Brown

I really like using the multiVitamin plus patch. Dont like swallowing pills

Teresa L. Bloodworth

Simple to use just peel and stock. Nothing to worry about and no pills to swallow!

Geraldine Blades

After I had my gastric bypass, crushing my vitamins, dealing with the taste, make me so nauseous. Then I joined bariatricpal, I was really impressed with the vitamin patches. So I ordered them. I love how easy it is to get my vitamins without having to taste them. So glad I ordered them !

Kristen Rossow

My liver had suffered through 2 pregnancies and although I had been a lean and healthy athlete for 30 years I was unable to resolve some digestive issues and loose pregnancy weight. After a few days of wearing the multivitamin patch I noticed a difference in how my clothes were fitting loosely, my energy had increased and I was able to eat things I had been avoiding for a long time. It seemed like my whole body was going through a transformation for the better and I was finally feeling like my old self. Its nothing short of a miracle and I am so grateful. Im down about 4 dress sizes in 5 weeks, have continued to have great energy and a happy digestive system. Who knew all I needed for 5 years was a patch with vitamins? Im a huge fan now and may end up being your best promoter yet!

Sarah O Gorman

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Yvonne tyler

So far I really like the patches. I normally am allergic to anything that sticks to the skin and I have no problem with them. Waiting a month to have my levels checked to see how much they have went up...

Michelle Schaefer

Are you tired of the sweet/sour taste of your chewable vitamins? I was finding my intolerable, so I decided to try the vitamin patch. Easy to wear and keep concealed, this is a much more palatable means of insuring I get the nutrients I need.

Randy Budzinski

I am very happy and excited to find yet another tool to help me be successful in my post-op journey. I was getting severe nausea after chewing those gigantic vitamins so I stopped taking them in hopes that I would get enough from the foods and drinks I was consuming. It was a sign of relief when I saw that these patches were suitable for bariatric patients. It is easy to use and I have a sense of comfort knowing that I will be getting proper vitamin and nutrient intake. I am trying to become a police officer and I feel these will lighten my load to carry with me. Thank you!!! Oh, the bariatric protein chips were a life saver!!!

Rodney McRitchie

Had vsg and many many people on the baristastic group recommended these to me. So far so good. Im latex sensitive too so I love that these are free of latex! Have blood tests in a month, but Im positive theyll be great! So happy I have an option like this for a multi vitamin. I couldnt take one more day eating those huge chalky tablets!

lyndsey Lenard

Im just starting out on the patches, and i have blood work next month, so keeping my fingers crossed they work! I cant stomach pills anymore.

Doreene Mercado

This is the best thing that has ever happened for me. I recently got weight loss surgery and anything by mouth has to be crushed. These patches have made my life so much easier. One less thing to worry about. There super easy to use and give me all I need in one simple little patch.

Cori Watts

I love the patches.

Revision VBG/RNY

I was skeptical at first. But I wanted to see if the vitamin patches would work for me. I had surgery May 2016. I cant take the pills. I threw them up. So I began to search the Internet and found The patches! What a find! I didnt want to write a review until I had my labs drawn. I couldnt believe it! My labs were all in the normal range. Every single one! I cant tell you how grateful I am to have found the vitamin patches. I tell everyone I know about the patches. They work! They really work! Thank you Bariatric store!

Laurie Shafer

This is a great substitute when you cant do the liquid or chewables.

Linda Hays

I always had problems remembering to take a good multiple vitamin when I had eaten. Since these patches do not cause me any stomach discomfort, I can put one on every night and remove it for my morning shower.

Easter Dolcy

So happy to finally stop chewing chalky vitamins love that this patch has everything I need.

Julie Nord

I had the hardest time keeping down my multivitamin after my VSG ... This patch is so easy and works great!

Lora Smith

These have been the biggest help ever. I cant tolerate pills by mouth since my surgery. I would be lost without these.

Lisa Smith

The patches are amazing. No vitamin aftertaste.

Tauretta McCray

This patch is so amazing! I wasnt absorbing pills very well at all but the patches have been the total opposite! So glad I found this product!

Sally Bearse

I am using the multivitamin, glucosamine and the omega 3. I have used the multi vitamin for a month and feel less tired. I just started the other two. I like how easy they are to use as vitamin pills make me sick. I am happy so far with these patches. Will see the results when I have blood test done if a couple of months.

Jami Tait-smith

Best product i have ever used.

Leona (Candy) Smith

I am using the B12 patch and the multivitamin patch. So far Im really pleased with both. My energy level has been good and the convenience is great. I put them on at night before I go to bed and remove them in the morning. (at least 8 hrs later) I will be having lab work done after Ive been on both for 2 months and will happily review again. Definitely worth a try!

Sandra Clingan

I Love my patches!!!

Cynthia Andrews

I love the convenience of the patch vs. having to remember to take the vitamins a couple of times per day. I have only been on them a few days so I cant really tell if they are working, but I can say that if they do, I will NEVER go back to regular vitamins.

Stephanie Foster

Love these patches! I was having a hard times taking my vitamins everyday, but now no problem...I just put in a patch every morning and I feel great!

angela toole

So much better than chewable vitamins.

Dame W.

I struggle taking my much needed vitamins. The patch has made it much easier for me to make sure I am getting what I need.

Jayne Weinberg

As someone planning gastric bypass surgery, I have made a commitment to this new lifestyle and know I need to take extra vitamins in order not to be vitamin deficient. And I was nervous taking some of the po vitamins. I am thrilled that I can take them by a different way. I am grateful that you have such a large varieties of different vitamins and supplements, and I have used patches in yhe past with great success. Thank you.

Tina Cloud

I really enjoy the convenience of the patches! They make me feel great!!

Catherine Jackson

When I brought the patch to my nurse, she was skeptical, but when she turned the package over to review the dosage of each individual vitamin, she quickly brought in my surgeon, who was also very impressed that all vitamins were well beyond the dose required. My surgeons whole office had never heard of the patch before, but now they are spreading the word to others within the hospital.. My surgeons exact words were: "This patch will save so many patients from having to consume several pills at once, and at a very reasonable price!"

Lana Austin

The only thing I can say so far is NO PILLS!!!

Donna Lee

I love my vitamin patches, it sure is a lot easier than trying to swallow those great big vitamins, and I love the service provided too, takes only a few days to be processed and receive, works great for me!!

Brenda Sherwood

Great option for post op when its hard to get anything down. Much easier than crushing pills and better than liquid when you can only comsume a tiny bit.

Melanie Thomas

I take so may pills, It can be downright sickening! swallowing them one-by-one takes me forever, ugh! Then the big ones I either have to cut up or crush, which takes even longer. I love the idea of being able to just stick the patch on, and going about my day. I cant stand the taste of most chalky vitamins, and the patch seems to absorb right into the skin so well. Total convenience! Gotta love it!

Janet Finney

Easy to use. No hassle with crushing pills or adding to smoothies. No more big pills to swallow. Feeling results.

Michael Meilinger

I first learned about the variety of vitamins and supplements available from Health Patches when I was preparing for bariatric surgery. This seemed like an ideal solution for me since most of the chewable vitamins on the market contain some sort of sugar substitute, which I had completely eliminated everywhere else in my diet. However, it turns out that these products became the ideal solution for my wife and daughters, who have a problem with vitamin absorption and always complained about the numerous digestive side effects they found when using OTC multi-vitamins and iron supplements. My daughters iron levels have significantly increased after using this product for just one month. My wife hasnt gotten her blood work yet, but I am certain they will reflect the benefits of using the patch rather than oral delivery method. I will report back after the Doctor checks her results.

Angela Teagle

Ive used the Multi-vitamin patch for 4 days now. The first day, I blistered. The 2nd and 3rd days I ended up with beautiful red squares where the patches were placed. Today, no irritation. Im gonna keep trying because I hate swallowing pills!

Stacy Molloy

I was struggling with chewing my vitamins after bypass surgery.. this is a great option for me. I started feeling more energenic 2 days after starting these. They are easy to use and gives me room for protein in my stomach in the morning.

Teresa Faughn

So grateful not to have to take a pill! Ive only taken 6 days so far, so have had blood tests to check my levels. I do feel well and you cant get any easier to use!

Roserita DuFresne

I am a recent beginner and too soon to verify results.

Robin Dockery

I love my patches. It is so much easier after WLS than having to take all the pills.

Lucinda Esqueda

I dont like to take pills so this patchs are amazing, results dont know yet, I just started

Kathy Lundegreen

I love this product. I have 9 autoimmune diseases and take enough meds already. I had my gastric sleeve and it added more supplements. My physicians office offered for me to take this but were out of the product at the time they offered so I ordered a pack to try. I love that it eliminated most of the supplements I needed post sleeve. It is easy to put on every morning. I have a sensitivity to adhesives but so far after almost a month of using this I have had no problems with sensitivity to the adhesive.

Andrea Davis

I am brand new to gastric sleeve surgery. The chewable meds were so gross that they made me vomit. I heard about these patches and am very pleased with them so far. I have not had my labs drawn yet but these are amazing.

Mindy Rasco

Love being able to wear the patch and go, highly recommend!!

Maria Ramirez

I really needed a boost as I was having a hard time taking my vitamins after surgery. This patch is a god send. Ive had more energy and feel better than ever! I will be getting this monthly from now on!


Luv the patchdont like pills

louann Rozga

I just love the multi vitamin patches. I chose patches because I couldnt stand the taste of chewables and my blood work levels were spot on. Do thankyou for making patches available. I told stores that they should stock them too.


Was having such a hard time taking vitamins and having to schedule was horrible that I just finally stopped all vitamins. This patch is small, convenient, inexpensive and best of all healthy. Will continue to purchase.

Ginger Outlaw

Started it yesterday, Hoping everything goes good, I hate pills& patch is easier for me!

joanne Rivera Ortiz

I love the fact that now summer is around the corner I dont have to worry about wearing my patch all day long I can wear it while I sleep very convenient

Rayna Holmes

This product is the best. No more remembering what time to take pills, or carrying a pill case. I love it!

Judy Shannon

My labs are good & the nausea is gone! Im a happy girl!

Laquisha Stokes

Ive been wearing these patches for about a week now and Ive been pleased. It hasnt caused any GI upset like my MVI pills did in the past. No major problems with the adhesive and though they are not waterproof, mine stayed put after I showered. Cant wait to get my blood work done so that I can truly measure the efficacy of these patches.

Amanda Aguirre

I love how easy it is to take my vitamins much better than gagging on pills!

pamela seamon

So Wonderful,to use one patch and not purchase so many vitiamins !

Adelia Oldenbroek

So much better than trying to swallow a bunch of pills, or chew those horrible tasting chews.

penny wilson

I absolutely love it! So simple and so easy to use and I just put it on each day and I dont have to worry about taking all my vitamins and take so many. It has not only been a lifesaver for me in time and trying to swallow so many at different times, but it is so cost effeceint. I love it!


No more pills!!! I love these patches. I wish Id found them long ago!

Kathy Banks

I ordered these patches after my surgery because I was having trouble getting the vitamins I needed into my body on a daily basis. Since I started the patches, my body feels better, my stress levels have come down and I have more energy. Thankful that this option was available. My metabolism seems to be working its magic again.

Paula Matthews

Great produce so convenient to use.

Carrie Eisworth

These are awesome! I dont get sick with them and they have all the vitamins I need.

Debra Ward

Love the patches. Easy to use and its really nice not to have to chew or take so many pills.

Delaina Smith

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Solita Ray

Great Product, gives me so much energy, HIGHLY RECOMEMDED!!!

Devra Logan

I had the gastric bypass and I was having issues with some of the pills that I had to take. None of them ever seem to provide enough medication absorption. I have been using the transdermal multi-vitamin patches for about 2 weeks now and I must say I feel a lot better and dont have any issues with getting my daily dose of vitamins in. All I can say is no complaints and I will be ordering more!!!

Kim Bullock

I have digestive issues which have prevented me from getting the full nutritional benefits from vitamins; but now I have an easy-to-use patch that I change at night before bed--what could be easier?? Plus, Im feeling better and I dont have the nausea that I always had when trying to take those large vitamin "horse pills". I will never go back to oral vitamins again!! **Note: Be careful when peeling the patches off the paper; sometimes they stick to the paper and you lose the sticky part.

Annie Palmer

This is amazing! 1 patch daily and nothing else but my hair vitamins! I notice a difference in how I feel.

Debra Brown

A lot easier than trying to swallow a pill. I feel so much better.

Phebe Sheffield

This is a great product for those that struggle to take the necessary pills. I was having difficulty eating enough so that the vitamins wouldnt be on an empty stomach. This has eliminated that. I am concerned about vitamin levels, and will have them checked in a couple months to ensure that these are indeed working for me.

Shawn Barker

The patches are working for me, and they are so convenient. I just put one on after my shower every day and forget about taking all of those vitamins in the pill form. I thank God that I dont have to take those big chalky calcium vitamins anymore. I would like to note that I havent had my blood checked for my vitamin levels at the doctors office yet, but I have been on the patch for almost a month and I dont feel tired or rundown, so I suspect they are working just fine. I would highly recommend you give these a try.

Kristi Hanes

Love love love my patches!

Naomi Gunderson

Applying a patch daily has been so much easier than swallowing the horse pill size vitamins that I previously took and I no longer have to deal with the digestive issues I was experiencing. Plus the absorption rates is much better. Wish all my meds came in patch form.

Kristine Feuerstein

I got these patches after falling into a post-WLS funk that made me not care if I was taking my vitamins because, regardless of if they were chewables, capsules, liquid... they were all making me sick. But I was afraid I would get sick or a deficiency if I didnt do anything at all, so I ordered the multi-vitamin patch and the B12 patch. Theyre fantastic! I dont have to worry about taking pills, and Ive gotten into the routine of changing it every morning after I get in the shower. I put them up by my ribs or on my hip so they dont catch on anything or rip off. Now Im at least confident that I wont be yelled at by my surgeon for not having appropriate levels of vitamins!


Since my surgery I have battled the side effects from mulit-vitamins and iron pills these patches are 100s side effects and easy to use.

sharon Perkins

Helped Energy...

Barbara Daniel

Love it peel and wear great no more pills

Cindy Robinson

I have been taking huge amounts of vitamins since by bariatric DS switch surgery 4 years ago. I have now been wearing the patch for about 10 days and so far so good! If this single patch keeps my levels up it is SO MUCH BETTER than all of the pills each day--and MUCH CHEAPER!

Julie Tambur

I find that using the multiVitamin patch is such a great and easy way to get in my vitamins. It includes everything I need, and is so much easier than taking lots of pills! I just put the patch on after my shower, and am done for a whole day!

Kelli Sue Wilson

Quick and easy and better than swallowing and tasting vitamins

Julie Gantt

I had my surgery 6 months ago and was having a terrible time remembering to take my vitamins regularly. Ive been using the patch for approximately 2 weeks and can already tell a difference in my energy level. I continue to take B12 subliminally as needed, but am having less leg cramps.

Susan Bar-Sela

These patches are super easy to nails are growing like crazy too!

Ann Marie Longobardi

I have battled the side effects from mulit-vitamins but these patches are 100s side effects and easy to use.

Chrystal OJon

This by far makes taking vitamins to highest level of easy. At my age and having to take so many pills this patch has taken away the added dread of pill taking. I attach it to my body before I go to bed, then let it do its magic.

Mary Ramirez

As a post gastric sleeve patient going on 1 and half years, I love this product. I feel energized and it gives me all the essential vitamins necessary for post op patients. I highly recommend this product.

Elyse Allbee

I am delighted that o can take vitamins without being sick all day My reaction to vitamins was to feel sick to my stomach the entire day. I feel great that this works.

Larry Mahnesmith

Dont have much to review on but they are very convenient and do stick very well have been using there for a short time. The only problem I do have is trying to peel the patch from the label but other than that no problems.

Misti Shook

I am a RNY bariatric patient and this patch is a life saver! Not having to swallow another pill and worry about it getting stuck is fantastic. My levels have all been wonderful and my surgeon agreed that were excellent.

DeeDee Chandler

Works so well for me, now my soon to be 13 year old daughter is using them too. Shes not a fan of the chewable vitamins and has a hard time swallowing a pill form. This is a win win for us!

Nancy Turner Boyd

So incredibly happy with this product. Chewing and swallowing vitamins has been such a challenge for me and these patches have saved the day! Im so excited about them Ive shared them with my support group. Wonderful product especially for those who have difficulty with swallowing!!! Thank you.

Jamie Becerril

Only been trying for a couple of weeks but have noticed a difference in how I feel. I purchased multi vitamin and b12 energy. I like these so much more than taking all the vitamins I was taking before. So easy to apply patch usually leave on at least twelve hours before I remove patch. Cant wait to get blood work done to see how vitamin levels are. I would recommend these patches to anyone burnt out on taking vitamins everyday.

Roslyn Nelson

I havent had these patches very long, only about a week but so far its looking like a winner. I couldnt stand the chewables anymore and really needed to find a substitute. These are easy to apply, stay on until you remove them and they dont irritate my sensitive skin. I do feel more energized throughout the day so hopefully when I get my vitamin levels rechecked everything will be great and I can keep using them.


My doctor and hospital recommended the Vitamin Patches because they give you everything you need. Im three months out and Ive lost 50 pounds. What I havent lost is my hair, my nails, or my skin tone. Im 59 years old and next Im adding the anti-aging patch. I spent the last 30 years overweight. ..I have a lot to catch up on!

Robbin Sing-Cunningham

I have been using the patch now for two months, so far my blood work looks great. Even though it says its waterproof, I swim, I shower and it stays on and keeps working as far as I know. I love the convenience, and totally love the fact that I dont have to swallow giant chunky pills or chew nasty ones. This is so much easier, and less expensive. I would definitely recommend this product!

Frankie Washington

Me and My girlfriend are year plus a few months post op from our gastric sleeve surgeries... And have both lost a considerable amount of weight. We were using a powdered multivitamin supplement which we drank up to the point of our transition to the Health Patches Multivitamin Patch. Weve already alerted our nutritionist and PCPs of the change. The really great thing about this product is that we dont have to drink or ingest it. This works great if we are on a trip. Weve been using the patches close to two weeks and I have to say that I really do feel charged after my workout. We both wear our patches for 8 hours... And follow the instructions exactly. Well really know if our bodies are getting the full nutritional requirements at our next blood work in October. I personally feel that the readings will be positive. I just cant imagine not feeling so great if the product wasnt working. To Be Continued...

Desiree Marrero

I recommended to all my friends and family members its a great way to get all the vitamins it works great

Licia V

I really like the patches because they are easy and convenient. I just started using them so I will have to wait and see with blood tests if they are as effective as they claim. So far so good.

Sarah Kilton

The patches are amazing and small, so you can put them anywhere!! And they came in faster than I was told which is also a plus!!!! My energy levels have gone up and I dont feel sick!

Sandra Conover

Too early to know how my labs will turn out but love the convenience. No adverse reactions and I have sensitive skin. This could be a dream come true.

David Stockdale

Cant say how well they work without the results from the Dr but love the convenience and ease of use. Makes taking pills so obsolite. Love them.


I love the vitamin patches. It was hard for me to chew all of the vitamins that I was suppose to take everyday but the patch is easy!

Michelle Solis

Love these patches. They are easy and I do not have to gag any more at taking vitamins by mouth. I recommend them to anyone!!!

Stephanie Bruce

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

maria johnson

I just bought the vitamin patch and I must say I like it. I wont know how effective it is until I get my levels checked, but is a great alternative to swallowing three pills a day.

Patricia Zwolinski

I am so thrilled with this patch its so convenient and easy to use and as far as I am concerned one less pill to deal with is a good thing ! So happy the representative steered me towards those when I inquired on the live chat ! I will keep ordering these for sure.

Elizabeth Foster

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Dawn Delatte

I had bariatric sleeve surgery over a year and a half. Vitamins have always been a problem for me. These Multivitamin Patch changes everything. I have more entergy, I feel amazing when taking them. Please dont ever get rid of them.

Rebecca West

This is a wonderful and convenient way to ensure that I am receiving my daily vitamins. I have yet to have my labs done but I am not worried. I tell everyone I know about the patches, in fact I love them so much I am getting ready to order another 30 day supply and set it for auto delivery.

Sherrie Rios

No more chewable for me. I just stick my daily allowance to my shoulder and Im done. Good bye chewables.

Kelly McCracken

I have gone through so much physically the last 3 mod. One of my challenges was taking the vitamins and minerals required each and every day. I am hypersensitive to any and all smells so could not tolerate po vitamins. I am extremely thankful for this option of the Health Patches MTV and B12 Vitamins.


These patches are very small and also very strongly adhesive. I went to shower and forgot it was still attached to me. I will be able to attest to how well they work after my levels are checked later.

Robin Biddison

Im free from stressing over getting my vitamins in. I never had a pill problem until after my bypass surgery now it is so hard to get them down and keep them down. Kisses to whoever came up with the patch idea.

Meghan Seay

After having bariatric surgery, I had to take up to 10 pills a day for vitamins. With multivitamin patch, all I do is slap on a new one every morning and I am good to go! My levels at the doctor are perfect and nothing is too low. I am SO pleased with my multivitamin patch, its been a lifesaver and also worth the money every time! PLUS they ship and arrive SO fast!

Lisa Gonzales

These patches are the best thing I have come across. So much better than trying to swallow a handful of vitamins. I HIGHLY recommend them to everyone who has difficulty with or just doesnt want to swallow pills. They also save $$ over the cost of multiple bottles of vitamins.

Jeff Thacker

The patches are convenient. I bought them to use when I travel so that I dont have to deal with carrying so many pills. I am a little leery of how well all the vitamins are absorbed as well as how can these little stickers have all those vitamins. If these are proven effective, they are a five star product. I am really curious to see how labwork comes back for people who use them every day.

Vctor Cardona

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Loretta McCarter

The only time I have been ill since my sleeve was when I took vitamins. I tried 3 different name brands and vomited will all. I got the patches and everyone of my medical teams was impressed not only with my blood work but with the complete listing on the package.

Heather Wallace

I LOVE these patches. They stick on and hold well, theres no skin irritation, no nasty tastes, and theyre the easiest multi Ive ever had to take :)

Kathy Brueggen-Smith

The patch did not stay on when I put it on the hip, back and shoulder areas. But Alex (who returned my call very quickly!) suggested the inner arm area. Has worked perfectly since.

Kevin Adler

I have been using these foe a week or so. It is hard to say how effective the patch is until I have my levels checked. They are way to apply. My only issue is I wish that the different patches offered were identified by color. They are all the same color.

April Arnold

I absolutely love these patches as a VGS patient. Anytime I can cut down on the amount of pills I need to swallow I jump at the chance. These eliminated 3-6 pills i needed to swallow everyday. Ive been using the patches for almost a month and recently had blood work and my vitamin levels look like these are doing the job! I was so happy to hear that these worked like they should because theyre so convenient they almost seemed too good to be true. If my levels were down I was going to just start using two patches per day and see how that worked. These adhere well and stay put until removed and when you remove them they come off easy. They dont leave any residue, adhesive marks or skin irritation. (If you have a hard time getting these to adhere as one users review stated; you should clean the area where you want to apply the patch with alcohol before applying. This will assure your skin isnt oily or there isnt any lotion, etc. that would cause the patch to not adhere properly) Its amazing that these work so well and are so much more cost effective than other specialty barbaric vitamins. Again, Ive only been using these for less than a month but my last blood work doesnt show a change in my vitamin levels so it seems like theyre just as effective as the more costly pills and chewables that can be just awful. Im sorry I didnt find these sooner, they would have saved me hundreds of dollars in vitamins I just couldnt stomach. This is an amazing product that I highly recommend to everyone who will listen.

Kristina Crossley

Every bariatric vitamin I have tried since my sleeve made me ill. I love that I can slap a patch on and not worry about it throughout the day! Hoping all my tests come back good so I can keep on the patch path!

Janelle Johnson

I love the ease of the patches. They stick really well. Havent had any trouble with them coming off. Wish they were more of a nude color than white but its still better than not taking any vitamins.

Leslie Parrott

I have tried all types of vitamins and minerals in regular tablet, chewable and oral forms. All have had either terrible taste, difficult to take on required schedule or have not been complete so further supplementation was necessary. Now, i simply put on the patch at bedtime when I brush my teeth (so I can remember) and the next morning, Im ready to remove the patch which is easy and painless. I now ready to order a 3 month supply. They are well worth the cost. I recommend them highly.

Dawn Turner

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches


Very happy i ordered these much easier then pills. Will order more when needed.

Alexandra Rengifo

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Michelle Van Heusden

I hate taking pills, I love this patch works great gives me all the vitamins Ive needed my dr even likes them. Makes my life so much easier, no upset stomach after taking vitamin pill or heart burn, slap a patch on and enjoy ur day. Love this.

Cynthia Brown

Love this so simple

Pamela Frisk

I love this product. I only wish I had it when I had my surgery four years ago. It was so hard to get all the pills down! However, I am glad that I have the patch now. I believe it will save me time and money. I dont have to look around for all the vitamins or which ones are on sale. This is easy and it comes every Month. You put it on in the morning and forget about it !!! Thanks!

Diane Chilson

Couldnt be happier with product fast delivery and service

Carolyn Mayo

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches


Love them

Nicolette NVT

A great way to get all your vitamins, fantastic for travel!

Andrea Carlsen

MultiVitamin Plus Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Leona Lambert

Great way to get you daily vitamins!

Kathy Baker

I love the patch because if the conveince. I have trouble swallowing big vitamin and calcium pills. But no more, just slap on a patch once ever 24 hours and go on your merry way.