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Iron Plus contains Iron Bisglycinate, a non-constipating, well-absorbed form of iron. Iron is an essential mineral for healthy red blood cell formation. Vitamin C, Beta Carotene and Astaxanthin are added for enhanced absorbtion.*


Apply patch daily to an area with little or no hair, i.e., shoulder, back or hip. For best results, it is recommended to wear Health Patches for 8 hours. There is no additional benefit wearing the patch longer than 8 hours. Patches can be worn during sleep. Avoid using any lotion or cream in the same area as it will inhibit absorption. Patch is not waterproof. It is ok to wear multiple patches at a time. It is not recommended to wear B12 Energy Plus at night as it may keep you awake.

HealthPatches products are Latex, Lactose., Gluten and Sugar-free

ALL PATCH ORDERS INCLUDE 30 PATCHES (30-DAY SUPPLY) and 100% Moneyback Guarantee

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Health Patches Iron Plus Topical Patch Reviews

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Absolutely Superior

Health Patches is endorsed by world renowned doctors...
  • Health Patches is absolutely superior to other modes of delivery of vitamin and nutritional supplements... Lots of people do not want to take the large amount of pills that would required to take the identical dose that is delivered by the patch

    Dr. Victor Dorodny

    MD, ND, PhD, MPH


Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that our products are superior to any other on the market we are willing to offer them to you completely risk free

If it's Not For You - It's on Us

Our Customers LOVE our topical vitamin patches for the ease of use and amazing RESULTS as shown from their bloodwork and testimonials.

We are so sure you will agree that our product is the best on the market that we are more than happy to return your order within 30 days for a 100% refund.

Reviews for Iron Plus Topical Patch


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These patches take the guess work out of vitamins!

Alexandra H

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Alexandra H

These patches take the guess work out of vitamins!

Lisa C.

Love it!

Esther R

This great. Had a gastric bypass 7 years ago, I was now having absorption problems due to anemia. with a patch I do not have to be reminded to take the pills, that my stomach was no longer tolerating. I am very happy with the patch.

Angela W.

Really good.

Carol D.

I love it very easy to put on, dont have to think about it. Keeps my iron levels perfect.

Karen F.

Works great, no problems

Paul g.

Great product simple to use .

Mckay C.

It has given me needed energy.

Catherine A.

Super ease of use, able to use while Im sleeping and not worry about the normal side effects iron, like constipation. I cant wait to see what my lab results are, since my surgeons office usually recommends oral, liquid or sublingual forms of vitamins and I am one of the first to go the patch route.

Sabrina B.

Shane J

Im feeling so much better since using this iron patch. I lost a lot of blood a 4 months ago and was taking an iron supplement 3x a day. I was still not feeling great so I went to my naturopath. She suggested these patches since they bypass the digestive system. When they arrived, I used one a day for 4 days but it wasnt enough for me. I was still feeling very lethargic. So Im putting on 2 patches each morning and Im feeling so much better! A marked difference. ***Please note that I lost a LOT of blood with a medical emergency and Im using this much under the care of my naturopath and with regular blood testing to make sure Im not going to overdose on iron***

Francesca V.

Love it!!! And I recommend.

Signora S

Absolutely LOVE them.

James B

So far so good see what the blood work shows in 6 weeks.

Patricia N

My iron levels were on the low side. Wearing this patch has given me the little boost I need to feel better and get my iron levels back into a healthy range.

Terri G

Love these patches they arent hard on your stomache. And there is no constipation.

Bonnie B.

Like the patches, and my labs were good.

Joelle V

Love these patches!

Kathryn L

This iron is easy to take and seems to be just as effective for me. I use it every other day and rotate Vitamin D on the off days.

Andrea F

I really love the ease of using the patch. I have been able to consistently take my vitamins and feel great. Its so much easier to use the patch than to orally take a pill.

Ingrid C

I was having a hard time with my Iron pills and therefore opted to go with the patch. In the beginning I could feel how my body was absorbing the vitamins because I was so low on Iron but after 3 months I have leveled off and continue to use them everyday. It has been a life saver; I couldnt do the chalky vitamin chewables any more!!

Debra B

I love the effectiveness of the iron patch will definitely reorder

Bonnie Barr

So please to find a product that I dont have to worry about when and how it has to be taken. No need to worry about when to take vitamin C and calcium. YEA!

Joelle Vercher

Love these patches! So glad I dont have to swallow big pills.

Carlos Balarezo

I have been using the IRON PLUS topical patch without any complications.

Mandi Meaux

Thank you so much for making this product. I have a really hard time chewing or swallowing horse pills since having bariatric surgery and this makes it so very easy!!


This product is revolutionary! I get my doses of Iron without the side effects of Iron pills - no constipation, no acid reflux and dont have to worry about what I am eating. No caffeine, no pills, no calcium 2 hours before and 2 hours after taking a pill. I feel more energized and I no longer have dizzy spells when I stand up and I felt the difference in as little as 1 month!

Rosario Hernandrz

Iron Patches help keep my numbers up so I can donate platelets at least once a month.

Mary Wilson

I love the ease at which I can get my required vitamins. It is so much better than swallowing all those large vitamins. Thanks.

Sheila Nylund

This is a great way to get iron without the GI problems. I have had issues for the last few years and these patches have been so helpful.

Kim Ryan

This patch is excellent. It has made me feel more energized and has truly made a difference in the "get up and go" I have. I teach school and having low iron makes a long day super tough. This patch, along with the multi vitamin patch has made a big difference in daily activity for me.

Sheryl Whetzell

These patches are great! Taking a iron pill I burp it for hours after, not any longer the patches give me everything I need.

Elizabeth A.

Just starting my 2nd month wearing this iron patch. Too soon to tell from blood test results if its working, but patch is easy to wear and I havent had any sort of skin irritation from wearing it. This is important to me because I have very sensitive skin. I cant use oral iron supplements because they are too rough on my stomach. I will find our in another 2 months if the patch is working. Keeping my fingers crossed for now.

Sally B.

Ive always had a problem with Iron pills, youre not supposed to take them at the same time as certain other supplements, they can cause "side-effects" ,etc., but as one who eats very few "iron rich" foods (very little red meat for one), my bloodwork has shown me to be Iron deficient. This patch has been a God send, my last bloodwork came back great!

Marcella R.

I am extremely anemic and the patches are working very well without having to take a supplement which causes difficulty in evacuating. I will continue to purchase!

Tracey Scott

I hated taking my iron, this has been a life saver. No more nasty pill, my bloodwork is better and all thanks to a little patch,

Laurie V.

I thought that this would help me to be more compliant with taking my iron- it really upsets my digestive track. I find that its difficult for me to apply the patch but Im working on it. Too soon to tell if its raising my levels. The idea is great!


I have been using the Iron Plus patch for 3 weeks, and I am loving the fact that I only have to apply them once a day. I was having to take pills twice a day and I would constantly forget to take the second dose with my busy schedule. I dont feel as tired and I am not complaining of being cold all the time. I have a Dr appointment next month and will be having labs drawn then. I will definitely be continuing with the Iron Plus patches.

Jess H.

I have leaky gut syndrome from years of overeating and indulging in binge eating sessions. I work closely with a holistic doctor who several years ago suggested trying the Health Patches vitamin patches. At the time I was deficient in many vitamins and minerals, including Iron, B12, B6, B1, B2, Folate, Vitamin D and Zinc. As I result I began using many of the patches. The multivitamin patch and Iron patch worked with proof from blood tests six months later. My levels were within completely normal range. With that came the energy I was used to having as the B12 and Iron deficiency left me depressed, lethargic, lacking motivation, sleepless at times while sleeping all the time at times. I stopped using them for some reason or another and here I am a year later back to feeling how I used to with my nutrient status in similar condition. Despite taking vitamin supplements orally my nutritional status has not remained constant. I am convinced that patches are the way to go. Our skin is incredibly absorption and I read somewhere that 80% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. A patch eliminates the likelihood that the gut will not utilize all of the supplement taken. I ordered the patches today and couldnt be more thrilled that they are on the way!

Monica G.

I no longer have to deal with anemia and deficiencies. i use these patches daily on my chest and they are a godsend!

Sara Thompson

Got it quick, seems easy to apply. We will see if it raises my iron levels( I will update review then)


Have trouble with Iron supplements. Thought a patch would avoid the problem since I would not be taking it orally. NOPE absorbs well into your system and causes the exact same side effects.


I couldnt stomach iron pills after I found out I was anemic. It left me afraid to eat because I would feel so sick afterwards. I can put this in at night, take my other meds and not have to worry about them interacting with each other because they are absorbed differently. My iron levels are increasing and my anemia is getting better. Thanks. :)

Vanessa Garcia

Very Good

Tina Calhoun

Im anemic the last time I checked my hemo it was 9.2 this week when it was checked it was 13.1 this product is awesome.

Sherrie Rios

I can patch iron and calcium with no upset rummy.

Debra Brown

I have found that the Iron Plus Topical Patch is indeed a wonderful patch. I see the difference in the way I feel everyday. Thanks to Bariatric Pal for suggesting this patch to me .. KUDOs

Sheila Rose

Love it and the ease of using the patch!

Kailee Gushea

Iron Plus Topical Patch (30-Day Supply) by Health Patches

Pamela Hayes

was serverely anemic and started the using the Iron Patches. My Doctor is pleased with my blood numbers and I feel like more energy. i

Pamela H.

Im doing better using the iron patch. I was very anemic.

Amanda Crofford

I HATE taking my vitamins. I havent had labs drawn yet to see how well they work. But at least I put these on everyday so that is much better than not taking anything. It doesnt hurt to try them.

alicia philippe

I have so much trouble with oral iron supplements. This iron patch has been perfect. No system upset, fast, easy and convenient.


I have a very hard time swallowing pills, Im hoping this is my answer. I will do labs soon and see how Im doing. So easy, I love it.

Jana Velasquez

I have been taking chewable Iron for about two years now, It upset my stomach each day and I dreaded taking it each morning. But now with the patch I dont have the stomach upset and I actually feel more energetic than I have for 2 years. I will be purchasing this on a monthly basis.

udim Isang

I am anemic and the Iron supplements make me constipated. Needed something I dont have to take by mouth and didnt have side effects. Im not sure what my Labs are but it feels good. We will see what next month brings!

Jana Barnes

Ive tried every kind of iron since my gastric sleeve. They either tasted bad or were hard to swallow and digest. Getting my daily dose of iron in this form is the best thing ever! This is the only way I plan to receive my iron!

Sherri Halley

I have always has a hard time taking iron and absorbing iron. After using the patch I have more energy and feel so much better.

Syreece McLean

I have been using the Iron Plus topical patch for three months. Because it is so easy to use, I havent missed a single dose. Please work on making more vitamin patches. I am a good patient when I have your products to use.

Jodi Kelly

I have a hard time with the textures of some pills and also had the concern of not wanting to mix iron and calcium. Applying an iron patch alleviated all that! Now I can drink milk, eat cheese, or take my calcium whenever its convenient for me without the absorption issues of the iron! I have had one set of labs since I started them and they have been great!!!

Laura Butler

I had my first blood labs completely last week and my iron was low. I should have read the label as I need more than this provides. I love the patch for all my vitamins and will continue to do so.

Karole Warfield

I just love the Iron patch. I just peel it off, stick it on, and pull it off at the end of the night. No worries about a pill dislodging or irritating my smaller stomach. Fast, easy, convenient and effective, what more can you ask for?

Michael Meilinger

I first learned about the variety of vitamins and supplements available from Health Patches when I was preparing for bariatric surgery. This seemed like an ideal solution for me since most of the chewable vitamins on the market contain some sort of sugar substitute, which I had completely eliminated everywhere else in my diet. However, it turns out that these products became the ideal solution for my wife and daughters, who have a problem with vitamin absorption and always complained about the numerous digestive side effects they found when using OTC multivitamins and iron supplements. My daughters iron levels have significantly increased after using this product for just one month. My wife hasnt gotten her blood work yet, but I am certain they will reflect the benefits of using the patch rather than oral delivery method.

Teresa Faughn

The ease of useage is great! Dont have to worry about spacing out calcium and iron pills as the patches bypass the digestive system. Havent had blood work done yet to check my iron levels, but Ive had no ill effects from it!

Elena Rodriguez

The patches are great way to get your iron.


I use the iron patches to address my anemia which I had prior to the gastric sleeve. My blood levels are coming up and helping to correct my anemia . I love applying a patch vs. another pill.....